Modifying a queue allows you to select a queue from the Queues Manager list and change one or more of its properties.

To modify a queue:

  1. From the Queues Manager, select the queue you want to modify, and then click Modify.
    Note: You can only modify retail queues if the Retail Queues option is enabled for your account. If this option is not enabled for your account, retail queues will not appear in the Queues Manager, and the Insert (Retail) button will not be visible. Queues Manager
  2. The Queue properties dialog box appears. Queue_Properties Queue_Properties_2
  3. Edit one or more of the properties. When modifying a retail queue, the Retail checkbox found below the Queues Properties boxes appears selected by default. This checkbox is not visible when modifying non-retail queues. Unknown_Attachment
  4. Click Save. The Queue Properties dialog box closes and the selected queue is updated. Save Save_Retail