One of the first concepts to understand is the relationship between a Queue and a Skillset.

A Queue is an IVR entity where calls sit waiting to be answered. Queues are arrived at from a menu (usually) and have agents assigned to answer those calls. A Queue can be one of a channel type (voice, chat, e-mail).

A Skillset is a grouping of the types of calls that agents are trained (or skilled) to answer and can have a single queue or multiple queues at different priority levels. Skillsets are tied to people. Skillsets are generally assigned to teams, but can be assigned to individuals. Skillsets can include all channel types (voice, chat, e-mail).

Skillsets are most useful when assigned to teams with agents cross-trained to handle multiple types of calls. If a team is specifically trained for only one type of call, it is easiest to assign the queue at the team level.

Skillsets are created and assigned to teams. However, once assigned to a team, use the Skills tab in the agent view to manage skills for an individual. This can include priority and even adding or removing queues from the agent skills.

The settings for queues include a default priority (that is overridden by a skillset) and the waiting time thresholds. If working hours are set per queue, it is possible to also manage the schedule per queue.

Note: it is not mandatory to create skillsets. It is mandatory to assign teams or agents to queues.