Q: What is an Evaluator tool?
A: The Evaluator tool is used to evaluate Voice and Chat interactions between agents and customers. This will allow you to see how agents are talking to customers and if the messages are being delivered in the manner you want and if company procedures are being followed.

Q: How can I search for an evaluation?
A: You will find the Evaluator tool under Tools > Evaluator  and you can search in the Find toolbar at the top of the page. 

Q: Can I automate evaluations?
A: Yes. When you click on the Evaluator tile, you will find Scheduler in the left-hand side menu.

The Evaluator Scheduler allows you to create a schedule that you will assign to select members of your quality assurance team (Evaluator users) to a schedule that will pick a selected number of evaluations across time interval options with varying filter options.

Q: How do I notify an agent that an evaluation has been completed for them?
A: When you are in a specific evaluation, you can click on Notify Agent. An email will be sent to the email address of the agent who was evaluated. The agent will then click on the link and follow the steps to acknowledge the evaluation. They will be prompted to sign into their account. The login information is the same as they would use to sign into the CCA. 

Q: Can I isolate parts of the recording for the agent to listen to?
A: If you wish to make a note on a certain part of the call, you can do so by typing your note in the text box and clicking on the Add Annotation button. This will bring the agent to the exact moment of the recording so they can hear exactly what they are being evaluated on. 

Q: Can an agent respond and acknowledge an evaluation?
A: Once an agent has finished looking over the evaluation, they would click on Acknowledge button located at the top of the page. A dialogue box will open where the agent can add any comments or feedback as well as if they agree or disagree with the results of the evaluation.