Q: How does SMS work?
A: In order to receive SMS, you will need to create an account with Twilio and acquire a phone number. You can publish this phone number for which your customers can send text messages to. The SMS will be delivered to the agent as a regular chat. Agents can read and reply to these text messages in the exact same manner as they interact with customers via chat queue.

Q: How does SMS tie into chat?
A: Any incoming SMS will be sent to an agent through a chat queue - see Inbound SMS to Chat.

Q: Do you provide outbound SMS?
A: You can send an outbound SMS through a campaign using our Dynamic Notifications feature.

Q: Who secures the Twilio Account?
A: The customer would need to create their Twilio account and provide us with a webhook. If ever a contact responds to the SMS, an agent will receive this response via a Chat Queue.

Q: Is any reporting available for SMS?
A: Yes, reporting is available for any Dynamic Notifications campaigns.