Q: How do you log in to the software?
A: Use your UsernamePassword, and Phone Number to sign in to the CCA application or web version of the CCA available at https://<accountId>.mycontactcenter.net/CCA (replace <accountID> with your your Account ID).

Q: Why am I getting an Access Denied Message?
A: If one or more authorized extensions are registered for Agent Use, you must use one of those registered phone numbers when signing into the CCA. If you attempt to sign in with an unregistered extension, you will get an Access Denied message.

Q: What status should I use if I want to take a break?
A: When you are not available to take a call or if you need to step away from your phone, be sure to select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu in the CCA, e.g. Busy - On Break.  See the KB article on CCA - Agent Status & Busy Reasons 

Q: How do I transfer a call?
A: Click Transfer Call located on the middle bar in the CCA – the transfer call window will open. Proceed with transferring to a queue, a phone number or an IVR. See the KB article on CCA - Transferring Call.

Q: How do I conference/3way call?
A: Use Add Call featute in the CCA, enter the phone number in the Destination Number field or select the number from the phone book. See the KB article on CCA - Adding Call.

Q: How do I call someone to ask a question but then get back to my caller once I have the answer?
A: You would use the transfer button, select Controlled for the transfer type. A pop-up window will appear which places the original caller on hold, and you can speak to the 3rd party. When you have the information you need and you need to return to the original caller, just hit No on the dialog box that is up on your screen and that will connect you back with the original caller. Details on the controlled transfer are in the link below. See the KB article on CCA - Transferring Call.

Note: no action is to be taken on the pop-up window until you are done speaking to your 3rd party. 

Q: Can I use the buttons on my phone instead of the software?
A: You can use the hold/mute and end call buttons on both your phone and the software, but you cannot use the transfer and add call button on your phone. If you do so it will lock up the software and you will need to log out and log back into the software.

Q: Are my calls recorded?
A: Yes, all inbound and outbound calls using the software are recorded, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Are chats recorded?
A: Yes, all chats using the software are recorded, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Where can I see my team members and if they are available?
A: You will find this information in the phonebook icon which is available on your main screen or when you are transferring or conferencing a call. The phonebook has 2 tabs, Directory and Logged agents. If you click on logged agents, you will have access to viewing all teams and members within those teams and their statuses.