In order to provision multiple UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT users at once, administrators can use UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT User Import Tool. The tool allows importing up to 1,000 users from a file with Comma Separated Values - CSV format, maximum 2 MB in size. XLS and XLSX files will NOT be accepted.

To create and manage individual users, read the Knowledge Base articles on How Do I Create And Manage UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Users ?

Important: a file template must be used.

Administrators can also specify numbers, extension and location to be assigned during the users creation. To do that, numbers should be already parked on account and location created before using the tool.

Note: the tool does NOT allow modifying or assigning numbers, extensions and locations to existing users.

How to use the tool:

  1. Go to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Users > Import Users from CSV
    Alternatively you can access it through UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Provisioning Wizard.

  2. Download and fill in the template.
    • Do NOT change the Headers names
    • Display Name (Mandatory)Email Address (Mandatory), Subscription License Type (Mandatory if you have different types of UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT subscription licenses) columns are mandatory. The rest columns can be filled in, or left empty (or deleted), if not needed.
      Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Create And Manage UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Users ? for more information about available Subscription types.
    • To create UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT users with specific phone numbers: 
      • Park numbers on the account. Make sure they are not already assigned to any user.
      • Fill in Primary Phone Number (Optional) and (if needed) Additional Phone Numbers (Optional) columns with the required numbers.
        A full number with country code at the front is required and could be in any format.
      • If Admin leaves these fields empty - the user will be created without any number assigned, and Voice service will not be activated. Admin will need to assign numbers separately from UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Users page.
      • A single Primary number required. If multiple numbers have to be assigned – use Additional Phone Numbers (Optional) column. If multiple Additional numbers have to be assigned – separate them by semicolons.
      • Toll-free number couldn't be assigned as Primary Number.
      • Numbers must be already parked on the account and not assigned to any other user. If the number is not parked on the account, or is already in use, or there was a typo in the number – the user will NOT be created and you will need to import them again.
    • To create users with specific extensions:
      • Fill in Extension (Optional) column with the required extensions.
      • Make sure that the extension is not already assigned to any other user. If an occupied extension is provided – user will NOT be created and you will need to import them again.
      • If Admin leaves the extension filed empty - system will generate and assign an extension to the user. If needed, admin could change later from UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Users page.
    • To create users with specific Locations: 
      • Create Locations from UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Location tab.
      • Fill in Voice Location (Optional) column with the required location name. Use the same name as displayed on UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Locations tab.
      • If Admin leaves the location filed empty - system will assign user to Main Company Address.
    • To populate Active Directory fields – use corresponding columns in the template, like:
      • First Name (Optional)
      • Last Name (Optional)
      • Job Title (Optional)
      • Department (Optional)
    • You can also include additional optional features:
      • Time Zone (use UTC value, full name is not required)
      • Caller ID (phone number only)
      • Call Timeout (5-999 seconds)
      • Voicemail PIN (unique within the template, 4-10 digits)
      • Voicemail Operator Number (phone number or extension)
      • Autodelete Voicemail Period (1-365 days)
      • Voicemail Transcription Setting (enter YES or NO/keep empty)
      • Email for Voicemail Notification (Multiple valid email addresses can be used, should be separated by semicolons (;)
      • SMS Notification on Voicemail (only one phone number per user)
      • Find Me, Follow Me Ringing order (Sequentially or Simultaneously)
      • Find Me, Follow Me Phone Number (up to 3 phone numbers separated by semicolons (;)
      • Find Me, Follow Me Timeout (1-99999 minutes)
  3. Save filled template on your computer as a CSV file.
  4. Click Choose file to upload the filled template.
  5. Select services to be enabled. Untick UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT checkbox if you wish to create users without UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT services. Then phone numbers, extension and location fields will be ignored.
    Note: UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT includes UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT, UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET and UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE services. If one of these services is not installed on account, a notification will be shown. You can proceed with importing users with the installed services or install corresponding services first, by using Services Menu at the top.
  6. System will generate temporary passwords for the users. Select one of the options for Sending temporary passwords:
    • to users' email addresses: password will be sent to the email addresses from the file.
    • to specified email address: the recipient will receive a separate email for each user with the user password. The emails can be forwarded to the corresponding users after.
    • do not send passwords. I’ll reset & provide passwords to users myself later: password will not be delivered. Admin will need to reset passwords to the users separately later.
    Note: if UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT is being enabled, regardless of the password option selected above, users will also receive Welcome to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT emails. This could be avoided by enabling Silent Mode on the accountContact Technical Support for assistance.
  7. Click Start import. This will start the validation process of values in the file. If there are any errors warning notification with details will be shown. Fix them and re-upload the file.

    Validation Failed
    If there are not enough available subscriptions on the account, Import won't start and the following message will appear. Increase the number of available subscriptions on the Subscriptions tab and try again.

    Note: at this step we cannot validate if the numbers are available on account or not.
    Once import has started, status page will be displayed. Manual refresh is required to see actual status.

    import may take some time depending on the number of users to be created. For example, Import of 10 users with UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT may take up to 10 minutes. Import of 100 users with UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT usually takes 15 minutes. Only one import process can be run at a time.
  8. Mass import process could be discontinued by hitting Stop Importing. This will stop the system from creating new users. This couldn't be resumed.
  9. User Import is an asynchronous process, meaning that the Administrator can leave the page while it is being executed. Once mass import operation is completed, Results page will provide the results of the import. In case some users were not created due to errors, a list of users with details will be shown:
    • User created:

      Created OK
    • User not created: the reason of failure will be provided. If some users were not created due to errors, you can export the original file with non-created users, fix the errors and import the users again


    Press Hide result or New import if you want the results page not to be shown again.