This guide contains basic information about how to setup online Proactive Chat sessions from within your website. 

To enable Proactive Chat you must embed the chat application within a website.
Embedding the chat application within a website is just a matter of adding one reference to a JavaScript file.

The URL for the file is available under Admin Portal > Chat Queue Settings > Proactive Chat URL. Simply copy the URL and ask your webmaster to include a script reference to it within the desired page(s) in your web site.

The URL to chat should look more or less like this:

The script reference to be added within your pages should look like this: 
<script type="text/javascript" src="<rel="nofollow"><your_account_ID>/<some_random_ID>/webchat.js></script>

The script file is automatically updated when changes are made to the chat queue settings.

For more information on Proactive chat, see the Knowledge Base articles on UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Initiating Proactive chat and UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Chat Queue General Settings.