To request a shift trade:

  1. Click Trade.
  2. The Trade Request window opens. Complete all field (see Trade Request window below and refer to Trade Request Field Descriptions and Button Functions Table for a detailed description of all fields).
  3. When all fields are complete, click Submit.
  4. The Trade Request will be sent to the selected recipient(s) in the Trade Request, your supervisor and administrator, and you.

Trade Request Field Descriptions and Button Functions Table:

Schedule date selected for trade

Click the date picker and select the date for which you want to schedule a trade.

This trade proposal is for an individual

Select to request a trade with an individual.

Send proposal to

In the drop-down menu, select the individual with whom you want to request a shift trade.

This trade proposal is for the community

Select to request a shift trade with any individual who is available to take your shift.


Type comments regarding the shift trade request



Click to send the Trade Request to the selected recipient, supervisor, and administrator.


Click to close the Trade Request window. If the window is closed without submitting the information, the request will be deleted and will not be delivered to the selected recipient(s), supervisor, and administrator.