Before You Start

Note: The Schedule Manager menu will not appear on the menu pane if the feature is not activated for your account. Please contact UNIVERGE BLUE™ for details on how to get the Schedule Manager feature enabled, and for assigning the Administrator role to the appropriate user.

Your UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE User profile must be set to a specific role related to the Schedule Manager. Your Administrator will make those settings for your contact center here as desired:

  1. Exclude from Schedule Manager
  2. User
  3. Supervisor
  4. Administrator

Accessing Schedule Manager

To access Schedule Manager:

1.  Sign in to the Client Administration Portal. Need instructions for signing in? We've got you covered
2.  From the Navigation pane on the left, click Tools (hammer icon), then Scheduling Tool.  Again, please note that if you don't see this navigation item, you may need to contact your Service Provider.
3.  After clicking, a separate browser tab with the Schedule Manager application will appear.