This article describes the process of setting up and configuring a new Toll-Free Conference Bridge with UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET.

Enabling Toll-free conferencing

To enable Toll-free conferencing for your UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Users
  2. Select Enable toll-free conferencing

    Enable TF
  3. Click Another number if you would like to change the pre-defined one. You may only select one particular number from the pull. Once selected, the number cannot be changed.
    if you would like to assign a ported number to a Conference Bridge, contact Support
  4. Choose Plan for you Toll-free conferencing and click Enable toll-free conferencing. Read the Knowledge Base article on Usage And Overage Charges On UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT for more information on how usage is calculated.

    TF Setup
  5. Navigate back to UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Users (click To UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Users) and assign newly created Toll-Free number to any UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET user you wish to enable Toll-Free calling for.


Important: for existing UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET users switching their number from Local to Toll-Free:

  • If you change your dial-in number to Toll-Free, your prior scheduled meetings will no longer be able to use the local toll number to dial in. You will need to update your invited participants
  • If you enable Toll-Free, the list of dial-in number choices (including International for Pro plans) will not be offered to attendees. Only Toll-Free will be offered
  • Your dial-in PIN code and Meeting URL will not change
  • New dial-in number will be used by UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Desktop & Mobile apps when starting a meeting from the UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT apps. However, the old number may still be displayed under the Meeting tab until the next UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app is restarted

Read the Knowledge Base article on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET: How To Manage Your Default Dial-In Number for more information.


Q: Can a user choose to host some meetings with Local and some with Toll-free dial-in numbers? 

A: No, at the moment users can either use Local or Toll-free Bridges with their bridge/meetings. When Toll-Free number is assigned to the UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET user, attendees can only connect to the meeting using the Toll-Free number. Mixed Toll-free and Local numbers dialing for the same bridge is not supported.

Q: Do I assign the toll-free number to users or does it automatically assign to all users in the company?

A: After adding the Toll-free number to account, Administrator should assign it to the required users. It will not be added automatically and cannot work in combination with Local numbers.

Q: Can I add more than one Toll-free number to my UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account?

A: No, only a single Toll-Free number can be used on account for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET. 

Q: Can I use a short number to dial my UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Bridge or my co-worker Bridge?

A: Virtual Extension can be set up by Account Administrator with routing to the UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Toll-free number.

Q: What if my attendees are dialing from another country? Can they use International Numbers?

A: International Numbers are not supported if you enable Toll-free on a User’s UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET plan. The Toll-Free number is US and Canada only and those outside that will need to use computer audio to join a meeting and may not join a conference call.

Q: How do I pay for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Toll-free?

A: 200 min Toll-free plan is included for free with UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT. Administrators can upgrade to a different plan at any time. Please mind how minutes usage is calculated: Usage And Overage Charges On UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT

Charge for Toll-Free Conference will be included in your Voice Bill (AL - Voice services). Charge for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Users will be included in your monthly charge. Overages will be charged separately. 

Read the Knowledge Base article on Usage And Overage Charges On UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT for more information.

Q: How my taxes will be calculated?

A: Taxes for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Toll-free bridge will be calculated based on your Main Company Address. You can manage it from Voice Services > Location.

Q: Can I port my Toll-free number to UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET?

A: Unfortunately, porting to UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET is not available at the moment. Contact Support to check available options.

Known Issue

  • When switching User package between Meeting Starter/Lite/Pro - phone number is changed from Toll-free to Local. Administrator will need to change it back manually.