UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete in Control Panel

UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced and UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Complete are available for installation through Control Panel.

Installing UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete

To install UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced or Complete, navigate to Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Contact Center and select an appropriate package and click Install.



When UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete is installed:

  • a dedicated UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete page will be displayed in the Control Panel;
  • a new account will be provisioned in the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal;
  • Onboarding Mode will be enabled for the account configuration. Read the Knowledge Base article about the Onboarding Mode for more information.


UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete will be available for review and managing only to account contacts with the following roles in Control Panel:

  • Owner
  • Technical Administrator with service UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete

The new UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete role is visibly displayed as a child role to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT. If UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT is disabled, the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete role cannot be managed and will not be shown.

account contacts

Note: this new role is for managing only UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced or Complete packages. UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core is not dependent on this new role. For future releases, we plan to update the new role name, in order to make it clearer.
The UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete role will be automatically enabled for all existing account contacts havingUNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT role enabled. For new account contacts, this role needs to be enabled manually in the Create account contact page. It will not be enabled by default.


UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal login

To log in from Control Panel to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin portal via Single Sing-On, account admins can use the link in the upper part of the page. This is what the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin portal looks like:

login via SSO


This tab provides general information about the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE service, such as your current package, reference UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Account ID, recommended steps for account provisioning, etc.



Here you can see the list of AD users on the account. You can enable or disable UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE service per user.


Once UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE service is enabled, a new Agent in UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal is created, and the user data is synced from Control Panel.

The user data is synced to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal as described below:

  • Control Panel Display Name is used as the agent's First Name and also the Agent's name in the tree view at the left of the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal.
  • Control Panel Email is used as Agent's Username and Email.
  • Profile picture from Control Panel is shown in UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal as well. If changed after installation, new profile picture will be propagated to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal within approximately 1 hour.

users updated

Disabling UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE in Control Panel would delete the Agent from UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal.


Q: How can I change selected package (e.g., from Advanced to Core or Complete)?
A: Contact the Onboarding team for package upgrade/downgrade. Package upgrade/downgrade directly from Control Panel is planned for the next phase.

Q: How do I uninstall installed UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE package from Control Panel?
A: To uninstall UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE, contact the Support team. Packages uninstallation directly from Control Panel is planned for the next phase.

Q: Can I import phone numbers from Control Panel to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Admin Portal?
A: No, phone numbers import is out of scope for the current release, contact the Onboarding team to do it. This functionality is planned for the next phase.

Q: Can I purchase additional features and/or UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Concurrent Subscription Licenses from Control Panel integration?
A: This functionality is available in Onboarding mode. Read the Knowledge Base article about UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete: Onboarding Mode for more information.

Q: Can I create more UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE agents than UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT users existing at account? AD users?
A: The number of UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE agents cannot exceed the number of AD users. This can exceed the quantity of UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT users.

Q: I don't have the possibility to install UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete packages at my account, verbiage is still saying to contact a Sales representative. Is this a bug?
A: We are releasing the new functionality in several batches. You will have the possibility to install UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Advanced/Complete to your account in the nearest future. For urgent cases you can still contact a Sales representative for UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE account setup.

Read the Knowledge Base articles on Phone Numbers and Subscriptions for more information.