This article describes the process of enabling UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration with ServiceNow that will allow users to place and receive calls directly inside ServiceNow system.

Adding a Domain in Control Panel

In order to integrate UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT with ServiceNow, you need to add the domain you use in ServiceNow CRM in your Control Panel. Read our Knowledge Base article UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Integrations Management in Control Panel for more information.

Installation Instructions

Download UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT plugin using this link.

  1. Log into ServiceNow system as Administrator.
  2. Find Update set in Filter navigator and click on Retrieved Update Sets.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Import Update Set From XML.


  4. Select package file and click Upload.


  5. Once the package is uploaded you will see its status as Loaded.


  6. Open the loaded record and click Preview Update Set. If any error occurs in the process review error report.


  7. The status will change to Previewed. Click on Commit Update Set and refresh the window.


  8. After that UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT plugin will be added. You will be able to find it and access the settings in Filter navigator.


Role Management

Once UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT package is installed you will need to create two groups in ServiceNow - UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT managers and UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT users and assign the roles to groups. Both groups are required to allow users to see and access UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT in ServiceNow.

  1. To create a group in Filter navigator find User administration > Groups > New.

  2. Fill in group name and description and click Submit.

  3. Click on a newly created group, go to the Roles tab and choose Edit.

  4. The following UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT roles are automatically created for Managers and Users:
    • x_406126_ubc.manager
    • x_406126_ubc.user
    • x_406126_ubc.admin
  5. Assign UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT role to the appropriate group and click Save.


  6. You can then assign users to this group. All users in the group will have selected UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT role.
  7. Switch to Group Members > Edit.

  8. Add members to the group and click Save.


Click-To-Call Enablement

To enable Click-to call you will need to add specific attributes for Phone and Mobile Phone fields.

  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users. Choose any user and select Business Phone or Mobile Phone, right click on the selected words and choose Configure Dictionary.


  2. Select Advanced view


  3. Add the following attributes:
    • For Business Phone - ref_contributions=x_406126_ubc_showPopUpPhone
    • For Business Phone - ref_contributions=x_406126_ubc_showPopUpMobile
  4. Click Update.


  5. You will see Click-to-call icon appeared in front of the Business Phone or Mobile Phone field in User information.