Note: The Subscription tab is available only for the new accounts with the subscription billing model.

UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core subscription could be purchased and assigned to Users allowing them to become agents/managers of Contact Center group.
The User with one subscription can be a manager and an agent at the same time.

This subscription is not included in UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT subscription and should be purchased additionally.
UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core subscription can be purchased only above UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT subscription.

UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core should be enabled to start managing the subscription.

To add UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core Subscription please go to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Contact Center > Subscription or Contact Center > Users > Manage Contact Center subscriptions.

On the Subscription tab you can add or reduce the number of available licenses.
Also, you will see the price per license there.

After that, you will be able to assign available licenses to users.
Please go to Users tab under Contact center > select Users without Contact Center and add the licenses.

Users with UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core licenses can be added as agents or/and managers to Contact Center groups.
For more information please see article Managing UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core.