This article describes UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration with Zoho CRM through Zoho Phonebridge paltform. It allows users to receive and make calls directly from Zoho CRM interface.

Step 1: Enabling Phonebridge

Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator's credentials, open Zoho Phonebridge Marketplace and navigate to Settings > Channels > Telephony. Click the button to Enable Phonebridge.

Step 2: Enabling Integration

  1. Once Phonebridge is enabled use search field in Phonebridge Marketplace to find UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT widget. Click Integrate button on the found widget.
  2. On the widget page click Get it now button.
  3. You will be redirected to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration page. Click Enable Now
  4. After that you will be returned to Zoho portal and UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration will be enabled for your organization.
  5. Users will need to open the following link to start using the integration:
    Setup instructions for end-users can be found in our Knowledge Base article UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT For Zoho CRM (End-User Guide).

Disable UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration

You can disable UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT integration with Zoho CRM for all users in organization. To do this use the following link when logged into Zoho CRM as an Administrator:

After integration is disabled user will no longer be able to make and receive calls from Zoho CRM using UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT.