If a user cannot log in to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Mobile App, it may indicate connectivity issues which don't allow the user to authenticate. Try switching between data and Wi-Fi connections. If the issue persists, follow the steps:

  1. Check if AdBlock filtering on your mobile device is disabled or domain univerge.blue is added to white list.
  2. Check if the UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT service is enabled in Control Panel for a user and they have a phone number assigned.
    Note: only account administrators can check if the service is enabled. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Create And Manage UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Users? for more information.
  3.  Consider resetting the password by pressing Forgot password? link  from the Mobile app.
    Note: a user needs to have an alternate email address or mobile phone number assigned to them in order to be able to reset the password.  Account administrators are able to reset a user's password, if needed. More information on how to manage user's password settings can be found here.
  4. Reinstall the application. Make sure that you are using UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Mobile Application.

In case the problem is not resolved, contact Support.