1. Download app via the links: 

    Or you may search the app in AppStore or PlayMarket by keyword  UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT

    2. Install the application. The app is supported on:

    • iOS: version 11.0 and higher
    • Android: version 6.0 and higher

      3. Put your login (email) and hit Next. Log in with your UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT user credentials (your email address and password).


      Note: if you don't remember your password, you can reset it using the Forgot password option, if this option is allowed for you by your Administrator. Your account Administrator could reset user password in Control Panel:

      1. Navigate to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Users
      2. Click the user name and on User info tab
      3. Click on Reset password.

        Note: If you see the following 2FA prompt, this means that two-factor authentication is enabled for you by the administrator:
        Read the knowledge base article on How To Use Two-Factor Authentication To Access UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT or UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE for more information

      If you experience an issue with getting into application, follow these troubleshooting steps.

        4. Accept application prompts for various permissions.
        It is necessary to grant those permissions to make application features work correctly. UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Mobile Application asks access to:

        • Calendar and GPS permissions – for the Mobile Assistant
        • Microphone – for Calls
        • Contacts - for usage of your local contacts in the UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Mobile app
        • Notifications – for notifications from the application with new Calls/Voicemails
        • Siri – for Siri voice commands to the app (iOS devices only)
        • Important for iOS 14 - Local Network Access

        For more information please review UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT mobile application permissions.