When you log in to Control Panel for the first time, click the Home link on the top navigation menu:

Home page

You will see your services listed in large icons. Click the UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET icon:


Or navigate to Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET.

User Management

Add Users

To manage or add Users for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET:

  1. Navigate to Home > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET tile > Users > Create user OR Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Users > Create user
  2. Fill the fields with the required information and click Create user. You can create several users on this page.
    Create user

Local or Toll-Free numbers can be assigned to a user. Read the Knowledge Base article on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET: Toll-Free Conference Bridges for more information.

Add Subscriptions

In the Subscriptions section, you can purchase additional new licenses by increasing the number of licenses in the corresponding field or reduce the number of licenses on the same page. After clicking Save changes, the charge confirmation notification window will appear. Click Confirm to proceed.

Add subscriptions


  • You can add subscriptions either before or after you add a new user to your account. It is advised to add users first then determine how many licenses and what type of licenses you need prior to adding Subscriptions.
  • The number of licenses cannot be reduced if all the licenses are assigned to the users. Unassign the license first.

Manage UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET for Users

To assign/remove UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET subscription for a User:

  1. Navigate to the Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Subscriptions > Assign Subscriptions OR Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Users
  2. Check/Uncheck UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET box for the desired users and click Save changes

Manage services

Note: UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET can be enabled for a user via User List/User Settings ONLY if there are enough available UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Subscription licenses, otherwise Not enough subscriptions error will appear.


To check the information about type of meetings, amount of attendees, duration and time of last meeting held by users, navigate to Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Reports.



To download the desktop application of UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET, log in to Control Panel and navigate to Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET > Resources.