Bria is a popular softphone application developed by Counterpath available for both PC & Mac, as well as Android and iPhone platforms.  This softphone can be provisioned to your UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT account and will work with the same features and services that hardware devices can use.

Configuring a device on Control Panel

  1. Access the Control Panel and navigate to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT.
  2. Click on Devices from the side-bar.
  3. Click on +Setup your own device.
  4. Select the Other option from the list of device types.
  5. Give the Bria device a name (fill in Brand and Model fields) and e911 info for the phone and assign a user, then click Add device

Configuring Bria to use SIP credentials

  1. Add a new Bria SIP account
  2. Under the Account tab, enter a memorable Account name like Extension 124 - Jeff Magnum
  3. In CONTROL PANEL, navigate to Devices and then find your Bria softphone device. Click on the Line keys tab. Click the Key icon associated with Button #1 to view your SIP credentials. 
  4. Write these down:
    • Login: ########
    • Password: XXXXXXXXXX
    • Server:
    • Port: 5060
  5. Under the Account tab in Bria, enter this info under User Details.
    • User ID = Login From Control Panel
    • Domain = Server From Control Panel
    • Password = Password From Control Panel
  6. Make sure Register with domain and receive calls is checked.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Your Bria softphone should register and be ready for use!