Known Issues

SIP ALG enabled by default, and it needs to be disabled to prevent intermittent one-way audio and other call and phone feature failures.


  1. Log into the router
  2. Navigate to Advanced tab and choose ALG
  3. Uncheck SIP and click Apply

Note: more information is needed on this router.

  • If you have one of these devices, you may wish to call UNIVERGE BLUE™ Technicial Support, so we can document how to make further necessary changes to prevent intermittent problems on Polycoms phones.
  • We need more information on how to change the DHCP DNS server addresses and disable DNS proxy/relay to prevent intermittent registration failures on just Polycom phones.
  • We need to determine if this device features Bandwidth Management (BWM), also known as Rate Control or Rate Limiting.
  • We also need to document how to allow the router to respond to WAN pings from our Call Quality Monitoring and Troubleshooting Servers

Important: this device supports IP Precedence QoS Policy Routing. We strongly recommend that you enable this feature by navigationg to Policies > Traffic Shaping > set to Auto