The article provides troubleshooting steps for Control Panel login issues.

Login failed

If you cannot log in, you are either entering incorrect credentials or have been locked out from the system.

Incorrect credentials

If you're receiving the error message:

Your login or password is incorrect

Login or password incorrect

  1. Make sure you're on the Control Panel login page, not the User login page
  2. Try logging in using a different browser. If that works, clear cache in your current browser
  3. Use the Forgot password? option to recover your password

You were locked out from the system

If you're receiving the error message:

You were locked out from the system

Account locked

Contact the Account Owner or the Contact Manager to unlock the account.

Access denied (IP blocked)

If you're receiving the following error:

Access denied (IP blocked)

IP blocked

IP restrictions are enabled for your account and you're trying to connect from an IP address not in the Allow list. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Restrict Access To Control Panel? for more information.

Page is inaccessible

If the page is inaccessible:

  1. Check your Internet connection by browsing other pages
  2. Try opening the page in another browser
  3. Open Command Prompt and run the following command to make sure port 443 is open in your network:
    Customer Ownership program: telnet 443
    Revenue Share program: telnet 443
    • if a black screen pops up, port 443 is open
    • if you're getting an error message, contact your network administrator or ISP to open the port
  4. In the Command Prompt, run the following command to trace connection path to UNIVERGE BLUE™ servers:
    Customer Ownership program: tracert
    Revenue Share program: tracert
    If you're seeing asterisks (*) on first hops - before reaching UNIVERGE BLUE™ servers - contact your network administrator or ISP to resolve local connectivity issues.
  5. Navigate to the following page:
    Customer Ownership program:
    Revenue Share program:
    to determine the WEHOST server you're connecting to
  6. Contact Support and provide the following information:
    • telnet results
    • tracert results
    • WEHOST
    • public IP address you're connecting from