Once you are done creating all the script steps and adding all the parameters, you can go ahead and test the script.

To run the script:

  1. Click Script > PreviewPreview

  2. A preview of the rendered script appears.

    You can go ahead and test the script.

    To test the script:

    1. Enter data for all of the script parameters.
      This ensures that the script is working as intended. Fix any parameters not functioning as intended before publishing the script.
      Note: when the script is in use, the agent must enter data for all the required parameters on the current setup. If a required parameter is not completed, the agent will not be able to navigate to the next step. The agent will be able to when all the values for each of the required parameters are entered. For this tutorial, all greeting parameters are required, except for the list parameters. The required parameters are highlighted in red.

    2. Select and complete the additional options to ensure the parameters are set up and functioning properly. When an option is selected, the corresponding step is enabled, and when you navigate to the Next page, the specific page is rendered. For this script, the additional options consist of Address updates, Billing questions, and Close account.
      Note: if you don’t select any of the options on the list, the next page will be the Summary because the remaining steps are disabled by default.

      1. Click Address Updates to enable the address update steps. Click Next and complete all the boxes.

      2. Click Billing Questions to enable the billing steps. Click Next and complete all the boxes.

      3. Click Close Account to enable the close account steps. Click Next and complete all the boxes.

    3. Once data is entered for all script parameters, click Next. The Summary page appears with the values entered or selected for each of the script parameters.

      1. If you completed values for the required parameters only, the Summary will only include information entered for those parameters.

      2. If you completed values for one or more of the list options, the Summary will include information entered for both the required parameters and all optional parameters completed.