Q: What is an email queue and how does it work?
A: We create an email queue and assign it a mailbox. When an email is received it will be delivered to your agents through an email queue in the CCA. An email queue functions the same as a voice queue. It lines up your emails first in, first out and delivers them to the agents assigned to the email queue. 

Q: How does my email tie into the queue? 
A: You would need to forward your public email address to the email we created and assigned to your queue. Once an email is sent to your public email, it will be delivered through your email queue in the CCA. 

Q: If I don’t have an answer for an email right away, can I come back to it later with a response?
A: Yes, you have the capability to suspend an email. When you are in an active email that came in through a queue, you can click on Release and choose to Suspend Email. Once you do this a new queue will appear in your queue list in the CCA. You can double-click on this queue at any time which will open a pop-up window and list all suspended emails. Select the email you wish to respond to and click on Resume

Q: Can I apply rules and routing to emails? 
A: Yes, you can click on the Email Routing tile in the Admin portal to configure your rules and routing.

Q: Can I use my own email mailbox?
A: Yes, but it needs to be on a POP3 server. 

Q: Can I use templates for email? 
A: Yes, you can add Email Templates under the Email Templates tile within the Admin portal. You can also add email signature templates.