Q: How is a chat initiated?
A: A chat can be initiated in 2 ways.
Reactive Chat
Proactive Chat

Q: What is a reactive chat vs. a proactive chat?
A: Proactive chat occurs when an agent initiates a chat with the customer. See the KB article on Proactive Сhat.
Reactive chat on the other hand, occurs when the customer seeks out a chat with an agent. Reactive chat is always enabled, whereas proactive chat is, by default, disabled. See the KB article on Reactive Chat.

Q: If my chat queue is closed, is there another way for a customer to contact us online?
A: Yes, if your chat queue is closed you can use Inbound SMS to Chat or setup an Email queue as alternatives. 

Q: Can I customize my chat?
A: Yes, under the Queues tile, select Options next to the chat queue you would like to customize. You then want to click on the Styling tab. Here you can customize your colors and the size of your chat window as well as add a company logo. 

Q: Do you have Canned Messages?
A: Yes, Canned Messages are pre-defined messages you can setup for your agents to select from. In order to add canned messages, you need to click on the Canned Messages tile to create them.

Q: Do you have chatbots?
A: Yes, you can configure an Interactive Chat Response (ICR) under the ICR tile in the Admin Portal. 

Q: How does the chat come to the agent?
A: When a chat is received, a pop-up window will appear through the CCA software where the agent can respond directly to the customer. 

Q: Can I add a logo to my chat sessions?
A: Yes, under the Queues tile, select Options next to the chat queue you would like to customize. Under the Styling tab, there is a section where you can paste the URL to your logo. 

Q: Where do I embed the link for chat?
A: To enable Proactive Chat you must embed the chat application within a website. Embedding the chat application within a website is just a matter of adding one reference to a JavaScript file.

To enable Reactive Chat you must add the link to the chat application from within your designed web page (this can be represented visually by a picture or text).

You can find the required links for both Proactive and Reactive chats under the Queues tile then clicking on Options beside any chat queue. You will see Proactive Chat URL and Reactive Chat URL in the General Settings tab.

Q: Can I respond to a chat while on a voice call within the CCA?
A: No. You can only respond to 1 incoming request at a time whether it be voice, chat or email.