General Information

Complete the following fields found on the General Information tab:

  • Report Name – This field is completed automatically with the report name you selected from the Report Name drop down menu.
  • Description (optional) – Type a description for the scheduled report; the description is only viewable in the scheduler itself.
  • Owner – Select the Agent who owns the report.

Note: If a Team Lead wants to schedule a report, they will only be able to see and select Agents on their team, therefore the report they run will only contain information related to the Agents on their team. Use the Admin account or ensure you have the appropriate permissions to see and select all Agents in the company (if you desire to do so).

  • Send to – Type in one or more email addresses. When including more than one email address, separate each address with a comma. All persons who are included in the Send to: field will receive the scheduled report in their inbox as an attachment, along with a link to the Admin Portal where you can also access the report (from the Reports screen).
  • Attach to email as – The types of format the scheduled report can take on are as follows: PDF, CSV, and Excel.
    • PDF is a picture of the report and is most frequently used.
    • CSV contains only the raw data, and will not include any calculations that appear in the report. This option is most often used by those who know Excel or know reports and can manipulate data or create their own reports from the data received or generated.
    • Excel contains data in a spreadsheet format and has limited uses. You will not be able to sort the information appearing in the Excel file. This format is least frequently used.