UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Web Client Most Common Issues include:

User can't log in
"Internal error" message
Sharing issues 
Network issues

User can't log in.

  • Check if the credentials are correct and reset the password, if necessary.
  • Check if the UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Login page is correct. Users should log in using this link.
  • When login is followed with the "Service Unavailable" error, please verify if the user's User Primary Address (UPN) was recently changed. If a user changes the email address, it will take up to 24 hours to propagate changes in the UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE database. 
  • Try logging in another browser or try clearing the cache of the existing one.
  • If none of the above is applicable, please contact Support with the following details:

    • Affected user.
    • Browser version and type.
    • UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE application version.
    • Error message wording (if any).

"Internal error" message.

  • "Internal error" message usually related to browser cache. Please try another browser or clean the cache of the one you use. 
  • If the error persists, contact Support providing the following details:
    • Affected user.
    • Browser version and type.
    • The description of what action is performed when the issue occurs (for example, when trying to delete the folder or file).

Sharing Issues

Some users may experience troubles when sending sharing invitations or assigning sharing to the users on the account. 

  • Collaborative Folder Sharing can't be established if organizations are on different PODs (UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE servers). When logged in to UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Web Client, check your POD in the address bar. The intended recipient of sharing should see the same address.


Sharing is not available between different platforms .

  • Sharing can not be established with the user that was previously created on the account, deleted and then created with sharing again. In this case, contact Support detailing the user in question.

Network Issues

If there is no access to the UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE login page, please check your Internet connection and if you are able to open other Internet pages.

  • If other pages are opening without issues, and the service is enabled for the user, please check that the desktop application is not blocked by your firewall. The following URLs must be allowed:

    • sync.myonlinedata.net
    • auth.sync.myonlinedata.net
    • kms.sync.myonlinedata.net
    • auth1.myonlinedata.net
    • auth2.myonlinedata.net
    • auth3.myonlinedata.net
  • In case none of the above helped, please contact Support detailing the issue.

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