Any Hunt Group on UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT can be upgraded to a UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core.

1. Go to Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Groups > click on the name of the group.

2. There will be a link to Upgrade to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core in the General tab.

3. Click Upgrade on the next page.

Note: only users with enabled UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE functionality can be added as Agents or Managers to the UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE.

To check if a user has UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE functionality enabled refer to the article UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Users.

More information can be found in the article Managing UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE Core .

4. Once you upgrade a Hunt Group to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE group, it will no longer be located under Groups tab. The newly upgraded group will be migrated to UNIVERGE BLUE™ ENGAGE > Groups: