Tab Apps & Integrations has been added to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT page in Control Panel.

This tab is created to inform you about existing and planned integrations so that you have a good understanding of what you can already use and what will be available in the future.

This tab allows you to:

  • learn about UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT features and integrations, available at the moment and planned for future releases,
  • download the desktop and mobile UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT and UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET applications
  • submit your suggestions for a new integration.

Location: Log into Control Panel > UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT > Apps & Integrations.

Suggestion for a new feature/integration

You can suggest the ideas for new features or integrations to UNIVERGE BLUE™ by clicking on the button at the right upper corner of the Integrations tab. Upon clicking, you will be forwarded to an external document (a Smartsheet form) and requested to type the name of the application integration with which would be interesting for you.