UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT desktop application supports handling for TEL: and CALLTO: links so it could be registered as calling application with your operating system. This allows to automatically dial the phone numbers in UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Desktop app by one of the following actions:

  • Click-to-call numbers from websites
  • 'Click to dial' from an UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET invite
  • Click-to-call phone number from email

To dial number in UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app proceed with one of the options below:

  • from a website click the number
  • click on Click to dial in UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET invitation
    PIC FOR AM invite
  • Click on a phone number in an email body.
    Note: this will work if phone number has been converted by sender into tel- or callto-link.

After that UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app will be opened with number dialed in keypad:



  • No call is made untill User press call button in UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app.
  • Subsequent click-to-call attempts will simply use UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app.

The first attempt to send click-to-call query is handled differently depending on the operating system.



  • Click-to-call functionality is supported on Windows 8.1 and higher versions.
  • When Outlook integration is enabled you may also call any Outlook contact with phone number stored. Check this article for more information.

The first time you try click-to-call you will be presented with the list of apps which will include UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT. Select UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT and choose to make it the new default calling app.

website choose

If you already have another application set as default calling app, this could be changed to UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app.


  1. Navigate to Windows Settings > Apps > Default app
  2. Go to Choose default apps by protocol
  3. Scroll to TEL: and CALLTO: protocols and click on the app near it
  4. Click on UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT in the list.

Mac OS

The first time you try click-to-call it might offer you to open UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app to proceed.

first use browser

This will happen if UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app has been installed to the Applications folder. See more details in the article on how to install UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT Desktop app for Mac.

If you were not automatically advised to choose UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app, it means that Mac OS defaults to another application as it’s calling app for handling TEL: and CALLTO: links.

facetime first

UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app could be set as the default app for handling TEL: links by the following steps:

faxetime settings

  1. Open an app which is currently set as default calling application.
  2. Go to Preferences.
  3. From drop-down menu for Default for Calls choose UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT.
    Note: there might be multiple options for the same app, i.e. ~/volume , ~/Applications, etc.. If that happens choose the UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT (/Applications/).

Note: in order to set UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT app as a default app for handling CALLTO: links you will need to use third-party application.