This guide is for UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Admins and UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Standalone customers about how to set your default dial-in number and the choices offered as a Pro customer for International dial-in.


  • Changing your default dial-in number will not update any previously scheduled meetings. It will apply to meeting and and reminders going forward. 
  • Changing your dial-in number will not block the use of the old number. It will still function to dial-in to your meetings 
  • There is no extra charge to our Pro customers for choosing International dial-in numbers.
  • These numbers are toll numbers, local charges may apply to the caller depending on your phone carrier.
  • Starter and Meeting Lite plans are not offered International dial-in numbers.

Your default dial-in number is shown on your UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account:

Account manager phone

Your attendees are already able to choose their dial-in number, including International when dialing into a web meeting online as shown on the screen they see to dial-in.

Both Toll-Free and Local numbers are supported. Read the Knowledge Base article on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET: Toll-Free Conference Bridges for more information.

Note: if you enable Toll-Free, the list of dial-in number choices (including International for Pro plans) will not be offered to attendees. Only Toll-Free would be available.

Dial-in screen

Step 1:

Log in to your Control Panel and click on the UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET service button:

AM service

You will see your list of Users (or just yourself if you are on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET Standalone) and the column Conference Number. In this column, you will be able to manage the default dial-in number. 

Step 2:

Select the number you wish to set as the default for each User and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to complete.


The new default number will be shown on the UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account and will be added to future Meeting invitations as well as presented by default on the dial-in screen in your meeting.