Chat can only be started with a person who has UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT services enabled. It is possible to chat with external users, SMS messaging is available for non-UNIVERGE BLUE™ contacts.

There are several ways to create a new chat on mobile devices:

Initiating a one-on-one chat

There are two ways to initiate a new one-on-one chat:

  •  Tap the Chat button on the Contacts screen.

Note: if you are unable to see the Chat button nearby the contact, this indicates that the user doesn't have the UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT services enabled or is an external contact.

Android iOS
Conduct a chat from contacts screen Conduct a chat from contacts screen
  • Navigate to Chats screen and tapping Add Chat button. Select the person with whom you would like to chat and then tap Done.
Android iOS
ContactsScreen ContactsScreeniOS
NewChatCreation NewChatCreationiOS

Initiating a group chat

Important: once you invite the person to a group chat, they will be able to see the whole group chat message history. If the participant is removed, the chat history will be wiped from all of the user's devices. Every User can rename and add/remove members – all chat members have equal (owner) permissions.

Note: Participants will be able to see a new chat only after the first message is posted. Also, if the chat name hasn't been specified during the creation, the system will automatically assign a generic one. However, the name can be changed to a manually defined name later on.

There are two options to start a new group chat.

Creating a new chat from the Chats screen

To start a new group chat, you may tap the Add Chat button on the Chats screen. Then, the application will ask you to select multiple contacts who should participate in the group chat. After the participants are selected, tap Done, enter the chat name and confirm the creation.

Android iOS
NewGroupChat NewGroupChatiOS
AddParticipantsA AddParticipantsiOS
Confirmation Confirmation

Creating a new chat by adding participants to an existing one-on-one conversation

To invite new participants, tap Options while in an active conversation and select Add Participants

Important: existing one-on-one chat history will not be visible in the newly created group chat.

Android iOS
MoreOptions MoreOptionsiOS
AddParticipants AddParticipants
ParticipansSelectionA ParticipantsSelectioniOS