Important: if you are using Office 365 hosted on your own, use the following guide to install the Outlook Add-in as an Administrator:

  • Click here for Admin Guide

The article is an overview of:


  • Windows version 7 or 10:
    • Outlook 2013 / 2016
  • MAC:
    • OS X 10.10 or later
    • Outlook 2016
  • Hosted Exchange Server 2013 or higher as a service on your account with UNIVERGE BLUE™
  • UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET service (any plan)

Important: Outlook Add-in will be automatically enabled on all Users that have been provisioned Hosted Exchange + UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET with UNIVERGE BLUE™. No action is required by Admin.

Outlook Add-in

To start a meeting from Outlook:

  1. In your Outlook client, see the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the Outlook ribbon and the Meet Now button on the right-hand side while viewing the Home tab in Outlook
    Meet Now button
  2. When you click the Meet Now button, if you are not already logged in to your UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account, you will be asked to log in:
    Login page
    Login page2
  3. The Add-in also allows you to log out, so you may log in to a different account if you are using more than one account (for example, a personal account vs a shared team account, or test accounts).
  4. Once logged in, you will see your Meeting URL, dial-in information and the Enter My Meeting button so you may start a meeting at any time. Below that there is the link to send an email invitation which will open an email for you to send with your meeting information already populated
    Meeting info

You may remove the Add-in from view at any time by clicking the X on the upper right corner:

Remove add-in

Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting and insert your meeting information:

  1. Navigate to your Outlook calendar and choose a date and time you wish to hold a meeting. Give your meeting a title in the subject line of the invitation
  2. Click the Add button on the Quick Access ribbon:
    Schedule a meeting
  3. Finish your invitation with choosing invitees and send it out

The Location area also contains Mobile friendly dial-in that will automatically dial the phone number and pin for mobile users.

Read the Knowledge Base article on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET: Outlook Add-In FAQ for more information.

To start a scheduled meeting from Outlook:

  1. You may start your meeting by going to the event on your calendar and viewing the scheduled meeting.
  2. Click on the Add button and you will see the option to start this meeting as the window opens to the right.

The meeting may be started 15 minutes prior. You will see that message and the Start Meeting button will be inactive.

Add Online Meeting

When it is time, the Start Meeting button becomes active:

Start meeting button