Requiring Attendees to register for your webinar means that only those that are registered will be able to login to your webinar.  Using our Registration Page, Registrants are then checked when they login to your Webinar to ensure they are in fact Registered thereby securing your Webinar to only those Attendees.

To edit or create a registration page for your webinar:

  1. Log into your Account Dashboard on the web or Desktop Application, click the Webinar title to go to the details page and click on Edit Registration Form:

  2. In the Create Registration Form section, you can customize the registration page with information you want from your attendees. We provide you with guidance or tool tips on each section on this page.  The following options are availble for the registration form:
    • Copy a Past Registration Form - You may repurpose a past Registration Form within the last 90 days.
    • Header Text - This appears on your Registration Page
    • Standard Fields - These are fields you may require Registrants to provide when they Register.
    • Custom Fields - You may want to ask your Registrants an industry specific question for example.
    • Footer Text - Provide links to your Privacy Policy or other footer information.
    • Terms of Service - You may require registrants agree to an NDA for example.
    • Notification and Reminders - Choose how you would like to remind your Registrants about the upcoming Webinar.
    • Additional Options - You may choose to have Registrants set a password. Keep in mind however that when someone registers, that alone secures your Webinar to just those that have Registered.
    • Disable Registration - If you do not wish to use a Registration page you will disable it here. You may then post your Webinar URL and it will be open to all who wish to join.
  3. Once you have finalized the registration form, click Next and You will now see a preview of what the registration page will look like.


If you are satisfied, click Finish.

You may return at any time to Edit Registration Form if you need to make changes.  It is best to make any changes prior to sending out invitations but is not a showstopper.  You may still edit this page at any time prior to your scheduled Webinar.