Scheduling a Meeting using our Meeting Dashboard allows you to generate a secure meeting code for that meeting, that only you and your meeting attendees will know. This is different and more secure than starting an ad-hoc meeting using your Personal Meeting URL.

To schedule a meeting from your Meeting Dashboard:

Log in to your UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET account here:

  1. Click Schedule a meeting

    Meeting button 
  2. Fill in the required areas, title, time, etc. Set recurrence, if needed, by checking the This is a recurring meeting box. You can choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly and schedule accordingly:

  3. You may choose to use a password for your meeting. Once you tick the box, we will automatically generate a password for you. You may edit this if you wish.

  4. Once complete, you will be automatically taken to the meeting details page where you can make changes if you like:


Once scheduled, a meeting invitation will be sent to any invited attendees. Additionally, all attendees with the unique meeting URL and their Attendee PIN and meeting host will automatically receive a reminder email 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting.

Important: for security reasons, your meeting Dashboard provides you only with a Presenter PIN and an Attendee PIN. This is not available using UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT or Outlook Add-in. Do not give out your Presenter PIN if you want to have total control of the meeting. Otherwise, Attendees may join before you and begin speaking on the phone without you as the Host being present yet.

You can also copy and paste the unique meeting information as needed into your calendar events.

If you would like to change the time for a scheduled meeting, read the Knowledge Base article on UNIVERGE BLUE™ MEET: How To Change A Scheduled Meeting Time for more information.