To install UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE for Mac:

Download UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE application for Mac. You can download it from Control Panel > Services > UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE > Downloads or Control Panel > Home > Downloads. UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE application for Mac is also available here

Run the pkg file. The installation wizard window will pop up and follow the steps in the wizard:

  1. Click Continue to begin the installation
  2. Click Continue > Agree to accept the license agreement. It can also be saved or printed.
  3. Click the Change Install Location button (if needed) to change the install location. Click Install and wait while the package scripts are running
  4. Wait till the package is installed > click Continue
  5. Click Close
    Install steps
  6. Launch UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE. Enter your login and password > click Log In. Your UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE folder is ready to use.
    Enter login and password

    Note: If you see the following 2FA prompt, this means that two-factor authentication is enabled for you by the administrator:
    2fa Read the knowledge base article on How To Use Two-Factor Authentication To Access UNIVERGE BLUE™ CONNECT or UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE for more information

  7. Select device type > click Continue
  8. Select UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE location > click Continue
  9. Select folders to sync > click Open UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE
    Select folders

To upgrade UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE for Mac:

  1. Close UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE application.
  2. Run the installation of new client on the top of the existing client.

To uninstall UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE for Mac:

Refer to the Knowledge Base Article on uninstallation process for up to date instructions.

UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Mac Client Localization

UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Mac Client can be displayed in the language of the end-user.

Important: only desktop apps with 3.X versions are updated automatically to support Operating System (OS) language.

If default locale of OS is set to English (US), English (UK), English (AU), German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese or French translated verbiages are displayed, date format is aligned to particular culture. We use particular list of regions to adjust date formatting: en-US, en-GB, en-AU, de-DE, it-IT, nl-NL, es-LA, ja-JP, fr-CA. For all other regions we fall back to the one listed.


  • For UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE language is selected automatically, there is no option to change language manually. Language switcher will be available in later updates. To change UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE locale adjust OS settings.
  • If locale  is detected and supported by Desktop Client, translated verbiages will be displayed.
  • If locale is detected but not supported or not detected, default verbiages in English will be displayed.
  • UNIVERGE BLUE™ SHARE Web will open with locale passed from Desktop App if Web App supports passed locale, otherwise English verbiage is displayed.