Once first signing in to Control Panel Account Contact sees Getting Started with Control Panel wizard. Several steps assist administrator with initial setup of their Account Contact profile.

Wizard steps:

Note: Account contacts see different number of steps depending on their role. All of the steps below are visible only to Account Owner.


Get familiar with Control Panel and click Next to proceed with further steps.


Your information

Verify Contact information and provide alternate contact information to be able to recover your Control Panel password. You can also protect Account Contacts with Two-factor authentication when logging in from a new device. Read the Knowledge Base article Two-Factor Authentication For Account Contacts for more information.

your information


Customize notifications settings to receive emails or text messages from UNIVERGE BLUE™ on specified occasions. Notifications types that are available depend on Account Contact's role.


Security questions

Set up 3 Security questions. These questions are used by Support team to verify your identity on the call.

Security questions

Account Contact

Set up Account Contacts who are allowed to log in to Control Panel to view and manage various items. Read the Knowledge Base article on Account Contacts and Contact Roles.

Account Contact